Monday, June 13, 2011

Mary Jane and Cherry Bugg

Mary Jane is slowly learning to sit up and we had her on the big bed in her nursery. She had just taken a bunch of six month old pictures when suddenly Cherry Bugg appeared. Nothing quite like a cute Cherry Bugg sighting to make everyone happy. So Mary Jane reached down and decided to pet her. Luckily for MJ, the Chee has learned that she must be nice to humans (she will not give the same courtesy to other species). It's probably the idea that if she is mean to MJ then she will magically be whisked off to the back yard cage with minimal rations (not my orders, that of Miss Jill).

Now as the spontaneous photo shoot continued for Mary Jane and Cherry Bugg, Mary Jane lost her balance a bit. Or maybe she conjured her inner football player. In either case, London Bridge came falling down on Cherry Bugg. The helpless rabbit remained patient as she must realize that the six month Mary Jane doesn't quite have the balance. Personally, I might have been a bit ticked if someone collapsed on me like a sack of wet potatoes.

Cherry Bugg later hopped off muttering something about harassment. Miss Jill hopes that she doesn't sue for some sort of damages. Maybe a few carrots will help. Other Cherry Bugg might put a hex on the little girl and she won't sleep as well.

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