Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not to Be Forgotten

Betsy Jo has had her own monthday recently.  While she has not reached one full rotational cycle of the Earth around the Sun, she has at least managed to make it through three rotations of the moon about the Earth (and a little more!).

Happy little Betsy is now over three months old.  She's no longer that little girl who keeps us up all night with random cries and desires for more milk.  She's now the big girl who sleeps from a bit past 6 all the way to 5 the following morning!  Good for you, Betsy!  Mommy and Daddy get in much more sleep now which makes them much more productive at home and work.  Even the amount of detentions has gone down.  Good job, Mr. Erb.
Down below are both girls with Daddy.  Mary Jane will smile for any photo.  Meanwhile Betsy is wondering what her big sister is up to.

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