Sunday, December 11, 2011

Busy Sunday for MJ

Today was still quite the fun day for Mary Jane as now she got to play with her birthday presents.  Yesterday after the party, she was wiped out and took a long nap and only played with a few things.  Now she's all over the house playing with cars, guitars, etc.

Poor MJ woke up early this morning --that's what you get for eating too much the previous day -- and was singing her Apple Song.  She laid in her bed and sang nothing but "Apple apple apple" for a few minutes.  That was quite humorous but hopefully it didn't wake up Aunt Juanita too much.

Today's fun accomplishments: pulling off her socks and throwing her binky over the edge of the crib (this shows her obstinate side).

Tomorrow's fun accomplishments: TBD.

As for Betsy, some sleeping, some eating... even some noise-making (not crying). 

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