Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Doing the Dog Dance

Mary Jane has not yet quite figured out the differences between rabbits, dogs, and cats.  She, being a true member of the Erb family, thinks that all animals are "bunnies."  Christmas was the first time she was introduced to those barking animals. She was completely thrown off but still calls them "bunnies" anyway.

Upon our walk a few days ago over at the Airport Park, we passed by the dog park that is there.  You know, that's the park that originally allowed only Santa Monica dogs inside.  Nevermind that all Santa Monica residents have to drive to the park and Los Angeles (re: Mar Vista) residents could actually walk there.  Ah, Santa Monica being Santa Monica.  But this isn't a rant about the evils of Santa Monica... or is it?

Anyway, Mary Jane watched some dogs and she then busted out into a dog dance.  Quite a classic to watch. 

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