Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feed Thyself!

Typically I feed Mary Jane and don't think much of it.  She smiles, she eats, she makes a mess, I clean the mess.  So goes the session. 

But then I wandered off to grab a towel and came to witness Mary Jane feeding herself.  Yes, I know it's a rite of passage that most young children attain (ok, some of my HS sophomores still can't figure it out) but this still looks good for all those family members who haven't seen any updates lately.  Alas, Decathlon and grad school kind of slowed down my typical downloading pace.

This is not to say she hasn't made other similar strides.  She now knows how to sign "all done" so we know when she's tired of tofu.  But typically, she eats everything on her tray.  More often than not she'll sign for "more" and then possibly "please."  Who can see No to such a polite little girl?

1 comment:

Donna Norton said...

Mary Jane you are growing up way to fast Love ya AD