Monday, April 23, 2012

Post-Nap-Time Surprise

Mary Jane takes two naps a day: one at eleven and one at three.  Well, the one at three is more of a cool-down time when she sits by herself and plays in her crib.  She flips through books, plays with stuffed animals, and kicks the bars while screaming, "Attica!"  (wait... too much Cherry Bugg there)

But by 3:40 or so Mary Jane starts to whine.  It's not real whining for as soon as Mommy or Daddy opens the accordion door, she beams with a big smile and says, "Mama or Dada" depending on who opens it.

In this wonderful example -- sorry, that it's sideways -- Mary Jane stands at the edge of her crib right next to the accordion door just waiting... and there he is, Dada!  She busts out the big smile and she knows it's almost time for her 4 o'clock feeding.  And 4:40 walk.

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