Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mary Jane and Betsy: Playing with the Swing

Mary Jane loves the tree swing.  She loves to ride in it so she can look at all the "crazy" cars, helicopters, and airplanes that go by (do recall we live adjacent to an airport).  But even more than that, she enjoys pushing others in the swing.  Sometimes it is just one of her dolls: either Hope or the one she has named "Baby."  In some instances like here, she pushes Betsy Jo on the swing.  She originally became jealous when she would see her sister on the swing (hey, it's my turn) but eventually she became much more accepting of the situation.

Betsy loves being in the swing and we really just need to remind Mary Jane to watch out so she won't get kicked in the head!  Gotta be tough in this family.

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