Monday, February 18, 2013

Double Baptism Photos!

Yes, I am considerably behind on my blogging.  So sorry... with two young girls, it's difficult to find time to find photos and write.  But here are a few photos from our double baptism at St. Joan of Arc on Feb. 10.  It wasn't a large gathering... heck, most of those who know us think that Mary Jane and Betsy Jo have already been baptized   Well, the wonders of adoption and paperwork slowed us a bit but here are some photos of the grand day.

Right here to the left is the christening of Betsy.  Look at that photo as everyone intently watches the action.  Even Mary Jane turns in to look as she wonders what is next.
 Alas, Betsy didn't take too kindly to having cold water placed on her forehead.  Mommy is there to provide consolation.
Betsy still seems a bit distraught but Mommy is there to save the day.  Not only that but Brent and Pat, her godparents, are there to make sure that she's OK.
 With Father Jim in the background, Betsy and Mary Jane form a triangle of white in this photo.  There's Betsy's hair typically flying free while Mary Jane's hair stays flat as a pancake.  Hmm... pancakes.
 Mary Jane standing before Fr. Jim.  She calls him "Fadda Jim" which is pretty darn good for a two year old.  Note: way in the background is the statue of St. Joan of Arc looking over the parish and our two girls.  May they have the same ferocity about life and faith as Joan of Arc did... but hopefully live a longer life.
Someone has their baptism candle!  Now please don't use that as a weapon... especially on your sister.  That's just bad form.
Betsy is celebrating form!  Either that or she's telling the parish that she's caught a fish THIS big.
 Aunt Pat gives the candle to Betsy with Daddy watching.  Mary Jane readies to stick her candle in Daddy's ear.
Ah, the group photo!  Dad (aka Grampa Erb) is to the far left with Pat, Brent, Daddy, Betsy, Fr. Jim, Mary Jane, Mommy, Brendan, and Stephanie to the far right.  Happy day for all!

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