Saturday, February 23, 2013

Heidi and Cookie Sue: New Roomies!

Best of Friends?
We'll see how this goes.  Cookie Sue and Heidi have now moved into together.  They have moved into Ruby Jane's old cage as Ruby Jane has moved in with Phillip.  Ruby Jane and Phillip have always been good friends so that won't be much of an issue.  But Cookie Sue and Heidi haven't always been the best of friends.  We did take them on a car drive yesterday which helped with their bonding.  Their prospective bonding will make life better for the both of them as good grooming from a mate is quite important.  That and fewer steps to feed all the bunnies.  I do feel a little bad for Heidi as she's been inside for a while and has now been placed outside with another rabbit used to those conditions.  But Heidi is a trooper... and there's lots of bracketed-off space in that cage so they'll have little wind.

Besides they are right next to a statue of St. Francis.  If there is one person who can keep them in line, it's St. Frank.

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