Saturday, April 6, 2013

Let's See If Fate Is for the Birds

Along the trip home from southern Utah, we stayed one brief evening at the Venetian in Las Vegas.  It was a fun night... the girls got to go swimming, we had an absolutely delicious dinner there, and the gambling was a success.  The pai gow dealer was colder than Greenland which warmed up my end of the table.  With my winnings came a very minimal wager on the team with the pic down below.  Hey, if one of their key bench players breaks a leg, that's got to unify everyone... right?  Besides, I still remember the near brawl we had with Wichita State so long ago.  Of course that we refers to the UCLA Bowling Team.  Yes, we had a team!          Anyway, go Cards minus the 10.5.

Post-game update:

Argh... they won but by not nearly enough.  They trailed the whole game... thank you, 8-0, deficit.  If they would have started off at a more reasonable start...

That's what I get for betting the favorite.  Go Bruins.

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