Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Sea and the Sand

 Mary Jane and Betsy went to the beach on Friday afternoon for a brief sojourn while Daddy talked to some of his old UCLA work friends.  Initially, they were both hesitant of the sand as it can just get into everything.  Yes, nothing like raisin dropped in sand (ew, more fiber?).

But they had quite the time there.  The most difficult thing about the beach has always been just getting there.  Luckily it was a weekday afternoon and Daddy has always been quite keen about finding parking spaces adjacent to the ocean.  Hopefully they'll be back to the beach again soon.

Paul wanted to go but stayed in the car.  He was afraid of sharks. He refused any further comments about it.  I guess every week is shark week.  That's what Sharkey says.

Raisins... before the Sand
Flopped on the Sand

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