Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Silent Tuesdays (for him)

OK, I'm new to this so I guess I'll just follow up with what Jill said on her blog, or as I guess I should say, blogged. I don't mind the Silent Tuesdays at all as it gives me time to read whatever magazines have come in over the weekend (eek, my Time subscription has expired!), the sports page, and the crosswords from the Sunday times. Yes, today I managed to finish both the LA Times Sunday crosswords. Aren't I special? Yeah, whatever.

I guess this website eschews all underlining. My only two options are bolding and italicizing. I wonder what the MLA will have to say about that! Then again who even reads the MLA handbook other than crazed English teachers with nothing better to do than read about citing sources and completing crossword puzzles. Darn, that's me.

Ooh, there's a spell-check on this thingie. Yes, thingie. I stick to the highbrow words.

Where was I anyway? Oh yeah, Tuesdays. There really isn't anything for me to watch on Tuesday nights anyway. Then again if there were, that's why I have DVR. Tape it all, baby!
Of course this raises a question in my head: who is going to read this? I guess you are.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I did. (With sort of a W. Virginia accent if you remember the song called The Streak.)(Jim Healy also used that same sound byte.)

The last time I watched TV was the Super Bowl.

I was just thinking of those bunnies. I bought some carrots today with the tops still attached.

Big Bro

Anonymous said...

Well, I read it too, even though I don't like to read whatsoever. Interesting.... I like the idea of Silent Tuesdays. Don't know if we have the intestinal fortitude to try it though...