Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Silent Tuesdays

I read about a couple that swore of television for their first year of marriage. They had some idea that a life without television would bring them closer.

I loved believing that I was that person- Someone that can live without television. Someone that doesn't know what's happening on Grey's Anatomy or who's on Oprah. Someone who couldn't tell you who Rachel Ray was, let alone what EVOO was......

But, alas, I am a TV person. I enjoy "my shows".

Back to the couple w/o TV. I liked the idea. I liked it so much that several weeks ago, I proposed to John that we have a TV-free night. So, Tuesday nights in the Erb (Erb and Kendall-Erb) household are television free nights.

The first Silent Tuesday was a little creepy. John and I assumed our familiar positions on the couch and stared at the TV. We weren't quiet sure how to progress in a silent house. What should we do? What should we say? It was very quiet. No television was awkward. It wasn't so much awkward between John and myself but rather awkward to live in a stimulus-free house.

Fast forward six or so weeks.....It's Silent Tuesday and we love it. We've learned to lounge more on Tuesday nights. Read more on Tuesday nights. Catch up on email on Tuesday nights. And now we'll make blogging part of our Tuesday nights. We've tried to keep Silent Tuesday from becoming dreaded-catch-up-on-chores Tuesday. Instead, we just slow down and enjoy the silence.

Best of all, it brings me back to a simple feeling. Without television, it seems like the nights are longer. And don't we always ask where time goes? Well, turn off your TV and you'll find that lost time.


JCML said...

That is totally interesting! I would never have thought about it. I wish that we had time for so much...days seem like they just run into each other. I should ask Phil if he wants to try this. He'll probably laugh at me!

Thomas said...

I think no TV Tuesday nights is a great idea! (It would have to be some other night because I'm in school then.) Very thoughtful dude.


Anonymous said...

how silly. Scott and i had that every night! but thats because we were too poor to afford cable and military housing has weird antenna blockers it seems (bunny ears just didnt work in our house) we would sometimes watch movies but tv seems to have left our systems. when you go with out it watching it is weird XD
<3 mellie