Saturday, December 26, 2009

Miss Jill, Mister John Ride Rampant Through Desert

Underneath the roar of engines road Miss Jill and Mr. John through the desert by Miss Jill's family home in an unincorporated area near Surprise, AZ. Miss Jill took to a quad runner and left the home, leaving everyone wondering where she went. Upon her return (she said it was "Whee fun!"), Mr. John took his turn but not without her trailing behind in her father's Jeep. No bunnies were startled in the desert but as Skip is apt to say, "Those aren't real bunnies. Those are hares with scary eyes." Like the Pardoner, for you Chaucer fans.

There might be pictures accompanying this tomorrow. Until then, Miss Jill will rue about the shoes she wants to buy but will not. Mr. John will lead the family in more board games. Whee fun!

And Chip says Hi to all the bloggers out there.

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