Friday, December 11, 2009

Thumpmas, Two Weeks Away

Again the commemoration of the greatest indignity of rabbit history occurs in two weeks. On that night, Joseph and a pregnant Mary were trying to find a place to stay. There was no room in the inn so they had to stay out in a stable. But the animals all were allowed to stay... except the rabbits! They were forcefully moved out by the Shepherds. Then the Magi later came by and tried to eat them! How intolerably rude!!! Thus the rabbits on the scene were quite upset. The birth of the Baby Jesus startled them. With all the Seraphim singing and the Choirs and Hosts rejoicing, the rabbits could do only what they knew: They THUMPED. And with that thump, that startled the Baby Jesus and he cried for the very first time. Granted a few windows broke but still the upset rabbits helped create one of the seminal moments in Jesus' life. The rabbits look back on Thumpmas with mixed emotions. Yes, the great Jesus was born but they were also kicked out of their home, thus starting a tradition in many nations: the chasing of rabbits out of hutches. (Heck, Australia even has a rabbit-proof fence! Those heathens)

Make sure you leave a large carrot out on Thumpmas night. Otherwise the great Thumpmas rabbit may get upset and go potty on your sofa. Don't want that to happen!

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