Thursday, December 24, 2009

All Rabbits but Chip Ignored for Thumpmas

It's the annual tradition in the Erb household. The bunnies get together and celebrate Thumpmas without Mr. John and Miss Jill who mysteriously disappear every year. But the bunnies discovered this year that their owners have scurried off to Arizona to be with Miss Jill's parents. And they also took Chip with them to show off! "The indignity of it all!" proclaimed Cherry Bugg. "That little pipsqueak doesn't know the slightest thing about Thumpmas yet they take him to show him off to all those people." Finally, after an elongated thump, "And I'm cuter too!"

Root Beer Float took a more conciliatory approach. "That's okay that they took him," said RBF in between bites of a carrot. "More food here for us anyway." That thought was seconded by her sister Ruby Jane who didn't bother to answer as she was eating a carrot as well.

Miss Jill denied any wrongdoing and said, "We're just trying to spread the joy of rabbits to all!" The Erb rabbits have yet to comment on that.

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