Friday, August 6, 2010

The Couple Who Sleeps Similarly...

There's an odd familiarity between Miss Jill and Mister John's sleeping habits. On the left hand side is a picture of Mister John sleeping oh so comfortably with a pillow over his face. Don't laugh, he actually picked that up from his mother who used to sleep with a pillow over her face as well. Miss Jill thought that was an odd habit. (Instead of bunnyonthehead, it's pillowontheforehead.)

But there you have it, on the right hand side you can see Miss Jill going all veiled on a plane. Something about sleeping with more darkness methinks.

So the question is: do you sleep with a pillow or a veil on your face?

Oddly enough, Jill had a bunny on the head last night in bed. As Miss Jill lied asleep in bed last night while Mister John watched poker for about an hour (hey, it's the 2010 addition of the World Series of Poker, yo), Cherry Bugg was asleep behind her head. But as Mister John turned off the TV and went to bed, Cherry Bugg grew restless and bit Miss Jill on the skull. Ouch. Bunnybiteonthehead?

Do note that Cherry Bugg never bites Mister John. She knows who feeds her. And she also fears he who has the power to give her a bunny bath. Nothing like having the power to bathe being one of your powerful weapons.

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