Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sisters Fight for the Right... to Banana!

Miss Jill and Mister John were relaxing in the back yard this afternoon when Miss Jill thought about giving her loving husband a banana. Quickly though Prince Phillip hopped over to say Hola to the two. He took a few bites and then hopped away. For a rabbit who is typically shy of humans, he clearly loves bananas enough to hang around humans to eat more. The sisters though are worth a lot more trouble... or humor.

Upon getting a piece, the two chased each other in circles playing "grab the banana from the other girl's mouth." These two are so engrossed in the chase that they often forget to eat the banana piece or even worse, they drop it and the other gets it and the game of chase goes in reverse.

Oddly though today had a different variation. Ruby Jane, our veritable Brown Bear, grabbed the piece of banana and was irritated that her fluffier sister Root Beer Float was chasing her. So she turned around -- with banana in mouth -- and started charging at her sister. What ensued was a furried frenzy of frenetic proportions. Within minutes peace ruled the backyard and they flopped beside each other. At one point Prince Phillip actually came in and broke up the squabble. While he knew they were not fighting over him, he doesn't like to see young girls beat each other up for relatively no reason (although bananas are quite honorable).

Shortly after Miss Jill and Mister John watched this incredible rabbit drama, Miss Jill reached over to steal a pretzel with peanut butter inside (oh so delish!) but Mister John slapped her hand and then ran away with the bag in his hand. Miss Jill, knowing she could not catch up to the fleet-footed Mister John, sat there and cleaned her ears.

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