Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life Is a Hammock

Some day Clyde in the back yard will be large enough that we can attach a hammock to him and we can swing back and forth while relaxing. We used to have one at Chez Erb but TOME (The Original Mister Erb) chopped down the elm tree to build a ham radio tower. There was still a hammock pole independently standing in the back yard for another decade or so after that.

To the right is a picture of Mister John quietly reading while lounging in a hammock in Saruni, the final camp in Kenya which we visited. Such a luscious green valley over yonder. Occasionally a herd of trees would make their way up the valley and eat some leaves.

Due note that the patio has a fifty foot drop and the camera lens came within a foot of rolling off it. Quite spectacularly Miss Jill made a triumphant dive/slide and caught the lens before it fell off to its destruction. Heck, this picture might have been just before that happened as Mister John was too deep in the hammock to get out quickly.

Ah, to swing back and forth... some day they will safari again.

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