Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mary Jane Celebrates Baby Shower; Chip Stays Home

Mary Jane is heading off to a second baby shower this January. She originally went to one at her Aunt Patricia's house where lots of John's family and friends gathered to say Hello and play lots of dominoes. Dominoes? Go figure... I guess that's what grown-ups do.

So MJ is heading down with Mommy and Aunt Lisa to visit more friends and family on Miss Jill's side. All sorts of fun stuff to do there. Alas, Chip was not invited. Poor little Chip was locked up for much of the weekend so I kept gnawing at the cage to be free. Finally he was let out by Mister John as soon as Miss Jill and Aunt Lisa left for Lakewood.

So of course the first thing that Chip did was hop into the parental bedroom and awaken Cherry Bugg who then subsequently tried to bit his fur off as she chased him out of the room. And so it goes in the Erb household. Unfortunately for some of the rabbits, it's raining a bit today so they might not get much time to run about and play on the verdant field of yumminess which they call the back yard.

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