Monday, January 31, 2011

Decathlon Survives Day One

The first day of the Academic Decathlon competition went by mercifully enough... but never without controversy. Delays hampered the starting time which pushed essays back. Subsequently this pushed back some of the speech and interview times. But our intrepid band of well-dressed students persevered. With resumes in hand, they interviewed well... and with maybe a note card or two in pocket, they delivered time-appropriate speeches. While many may not medal, at least they'll hit their time and not lose points.

As for the essay, most people went with the "Was Tom Joad a moral man?" prompt. That could taken in either direction which is always fair. Almost no one took La Place's theory on the formation of the solar system (my choice). Or the ever sterling topic on groundwater. I am quite sure Sir Phillip would have not chosen that topic. Everyone knows his odd relationship with water.

The Pengoon, aka Le Conquistador, was quite happy and was fed fish. Miss Jill brought home tuna casserole last night and I heard our valiant penguin eating from the container. Hope Miss Jill doesn't mind penguin feathers in her tuna.

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