Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year But Grass Is Still Yummy

While Mister John stayed indoors and watched college football (and Doctor Who reruns) for most of the day, the bunnies were in the back yard munching on incredibly green grass. The ten inches of rain that has fallen in the past two weeks has made the grass a most verdant colour. Root Beer Float, as you can see on the left, was quite happy to munch away in the northwest corner of the backyard.

Meanwhile Phillip hopped around and kept an eye on Mister John's weeding by the house.

Cherry Bugg and Chip stayed indoors to stay warm and keep an eye on Mary Jane. While Chip still isn't sure how to assess the Mary Jane quotient, he's at least not thumping in her presence. Good for Chip; it's his first step into becoming a man.

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