Saturday, April 2, 2011

Arch Rivals Prepare to Race in Aunt Pat's Backyard

The eternal debate remains: who will win the race between the tortoise and the hare? During this -- the Final Four weekend -- these arch rivals will be competing all over households in the southern California area. As seen on the left, the tortoise Yoshi is comparing to race against the hare Samson (on the right). Both of them are resting up for their ultimate race tomorrow afternoon. Who will win? Who will give in?

While I'm not that sure about the result of their race, I do know that the word has spread all the way from Monterey Park (where Yoshi and Samson will vie) to that of the usually quiet Mar Vista where some of the animals are getting a bit testy. As the festivities are getting closer, the animals are lining up against one another at Chez Erb. As seen in the left photo, Mama and Papa Bugg have called out Theodore Victory (TV) Turtle and Kelly. Mama Bugg and TV have even gone nose-to-nose in a staring contest. Methinks that competition will be a draw.

Fortunately Root Beer Float and her sister Ruby Jane have not heard about this or they'd be busting down the doors to... eat the victory bouquet.

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