Friday, April 22, 2011

Free the Dodgers!

I am quite hopeful and optimistic that the Dodgers will finally turn in the right direction. After many years of ridiculous leadership which put profit first and respectablity last, the McCourts have been removed as owners. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig gets some major props for this one (maybe this will make up for the All-Star game decided home field advantage in the World Series) as they had to go. And clearly in the best interest of baseball, they needed to be summarily removed.

Some day this year Jill and I will take our lovely little girl to a Dodger game and we'll know that the money that we spent on seats, parking, and Dodger dogs did not go to someone's Malibu mansion but rather to the benefit of the franchise. Mary Jane will be able to sit in the upper deck and stare out into the blue sky while Daddy knocks down a dog or two and prays that Broxton won't be needed to save the game. But those are the ON-FIELD worries... and that's all that we as fans should have. We shouldn't have to worry about owners and their ridiculous spending ways, divorce fiascos, or embarrassing quotes. The only embarrassment we wish to see is the butt-kicking we will do (on the field!) to the NL West.

Now the most important question: which Dodgers jersey should I buy this year? I'm leaning towards Andre Ethier but I'll take suggestions...

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