Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MJ and J-Lo at Best Buy!

On a typical sunny spring afternoon, Mary Jane cajoled me to go over to Best Buy to buy a charger for her camera. Well, not necessarily her camera but rather her parents' camera as she wanted to have more classic photos taken of her. While the smaller blue camera does work and Daddy (aka Mister John) often downloads those to Facebook or this blog, she would prefer the more detailed settings. Besides, Mommy is a master of the camera. Daddy still can't quite figure out point and shoot. (At least Daddy set the date on the camera so not all the pictures download to Jan 1, 2005 anymore.)

Mary Jane fell asleep on the drive over to Best Buy (must have been those two minutes at the ATM). So she initially missed the long line starting to snake around the building at Pico and Sawtelle. Daddy didn't ask as to the line, he was just focused on finding the proper camera battery charger (the previous one was lost either due to neglect or the Bermuda Triangle). He and the sleeping MJ marched into Best Buy to find many men in suits. Suits? What is this: an FBI convention? Anyway, Daddy (who voted for the aforementioned Bermuda Triangle option by the way) found his charger with due help.

The crowds started to swoon and even the employees were quite distracted as J-Lo entered the building. Daddy had no clue as to the lady; he thought it was just a local pop star. Then again Daddy wouldn't be able to identify any of her music unless she paired up with Metallica or Anthrax or even... hmm... System of a Down (now there's a mix). Mary Jane woke up for a few seconds amid the commotion, yawned, and went back to sleep. She needed a nap anyway.

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Juanita said...

Ok, I understand why MJ was at Best Buy...but what was the occasion for J-Lo?