Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mary Jane Walks!

Mary Jane is now fully bipedal... for at least a few steps.  She makes it around the house well enough to surprise Mommy and Daddy.  However walking on the backyard grass is still a challenge.  She refused to chase the bunnies on foot today.  Instead she stood there flexing her toes in the grass and refusing to go anywhere.  That was clearly a sign of weakness that the bunnies can manipulate.

Meanwhile in the house, Mommy and Daddy have both been nearly tackled by the silent linebacker strolling the kitchen.  BAM!  There goes the knee!

Rumor has it that Mary Jane will NOT run in the 5K tomorrow in Long Beach but will rather take the day off to work on other projects like smiling, laughing, and faking coughs.


scottcyndi said...

Wow! that's a whole lotta walking! Great job, MJ =)

Donna Norton said...

Well Miss MJ you just took off and didn't hesitate one little bit. You are a Super Star, and I bet Betsy is taking it all in and taking lesson's
Love you AD