Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Girls Rest, Daddy Gets a Few Minutes of Sunday Football Time

Alas for Daddy, most of his players were in action during Thumpsgiving so this morning's action is fairly meaningless.  But Betsy and Mary Jane did make a wonderful guest appearance during Mass this morning.  Poor Betsy had a bit of a fit early on but she calmed down by the end of it.

The Santa Ana winds are blowing today which always makes it a bit drier outside.  I hope sore noses and throats don't arise from it.

Meanwhile, Daddy walks back and forth between sleeping girls ensuring that their "white noise" giraffe is on and keeping them napping for just a little bit more. 

Mommy is napping too.  Daddy is making sure that Gilmore Girls is on in the background so she can nap for a little bit more too.

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