Friday, November 25, 2011

Awesomely Cute Video of Mary Jane ("Babu")

Not exactly "Performance Art with Mary Jane" but close enough.

Mary Jane was out and about in the back yard this afternoon.  Right after she started to walk oh so gingerly on the grass, she turned around and performed a little for me.  She's great at tilting her head to the side these days.  Nothing like saying, "Bad cough" and seeing her replying with a cough.  She doesn't do it here as I was hoping she'd say "Babu" which is her current word for "Bunny."

Mary Jane admiring the bunnies
 Her walking on the grass still needs a little work but that's not a problem for us.  She's just as happy to stand there and watch the airplanes take off from Santa Monica Airport.  Zoom!

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Donna Norton said...

Well now isn't that just the cutest little girl (O: