Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Brief Afternoon at the Santa Ana Zoo

Charlie's Cake

Daddy in Charge of the Kids' Table

The Girls and Their Cupcakes

Wagon Time with Baby Charlie
Mary Jane, Betsy Jo, and Daddy went to the Santa Ana Zoo today for Baby Charlie's first birthday party.  Mommy was actually in Atlanta for an adoption conference so she was not there.  That gave Daddy a chance to show his mad skeelz as a Dad.  Well, the girls didn't open up any cages and let the animals out.

They did have some snack food which was not in their typical diet.  They might have both had a cookie each, a small box of chocolate milk (Betsy never really could figure that one out), and the cupcakes (seen in the photo).  Betsy loved the frosting; Mary Jane preferred the cake itself.

At the end of the day, everyone went on a train ride around the park.  Fun was had by all and the girls came home tired and a bit cranky.  That happens after festive days.

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