Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Mystery of Phone Wolf

 Miss Jill asked me again today, "Where did we get Phone Wolf?"  I honestly don't know.  Somehow, somewhere, he just showed up in our house.  He seemed quite polite and asked for some ice tea.  We didn't have any that day but Miss Jill got some for him anyway.  He lounges about but is often hiding in the den.  Sometimes Phone Wolf has been sighting playing cards with Papa Bugg, TV Turtle, and Simon.  But Phone Wolf himself is a mystery.

We know that he loves sitting by the phone much like TV Turtle is a veritable "hog" of the remote control.  But Phone Wolf does have this odd obsession with Commute Bunny.  It's not healthy.  I really don't think so.  He often asks about her... or singing rabbits for that matter.  But how can one mistrust an animal that like iced tea?  It's just something about him... I'm not sure.
Regardless, he's a part of our family now and Mary Jane refers to him by name once in a while.  He has made it to the middle tier of Guys.

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