Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Do They Know It's Thumpmas?

Over two thousand yaers ago, the pregnant Mary and her husband Joseph struggled to find a place to stay as she was nearing birth and every innkeeper said there was no room. So they found a stable and gave birth to the infant Jesus there. Not only did shepherds and "wise men" show up from far distances, so also did animals. Sheep, goats, camels, and dogs were many of the animals that were invited to attend.

Alas, rabbits were not invited. It was later discovered that their invitation was lost and this could only be told to them by St. Francis who could speak to the animals. This, however, was over 1,000 yaers too late. The rabbits were not amused. So they created their own holiday: Thumpmas. This commemorates the inability of the messengers of the time to spread the Word to the rabbits. Thus on that specific day of the yaer when all other men and creatures celebrate Christmas as the birth of our Lord and Saviour, rabbits celebrate Thumpmas in which they thump every twenty minutes to signify their frustration in not being invited to the Great Birth.

Nowadays some manger scenes have added rabbits to the Nativity but that is just revisionist history. We know the real truth.

Cherry Bugg, Princess Jane, Phillip, Root Beer Float, and Ruby Jane will be celebrating Thumpmas this December 25th. Will you?

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