Sunday, December 9, 2007

Things that make Christmas rock......

Okay, I preface this by saying that "Jesus is the reason for the season", and such....and yes, I appreciate Christmas for the real meaning but I want to talk about what make commercial Christmas rock.

First, only at Christmas time am I able to talk John into trekking with me to the mall. All other times of the year, the mall is off limits. This includes stand alone stores too. But at Christmas, he'll just shrug, and say "okay". This morning we were in Target getting our living Christmas tree (for the record, getting a living tree took us three days to acquire. that's another story for another day). When we pulled into the parking lot, I knew that the store was going to be wild. John, on the other hand, has very little to compare it to so he didn't seem bothered. Once inside, we were disappointed with the selection but a sad, lonely tree called out to us and wanted to come home with us. So he did. Meanwhile, I knew I needed a few other things (you know how Target can be....)....and lo and behold, John did not wince when I told him that I needed a couple of things from inside the store. Unbelievable. That's one reason Christmas rocks. John doesn't get annoyed while shopping. Yippee!

Second, only at Christmas time can you pull out glitter, gold, and silver. Slap it around the house, and you get compliments. When would you ever have cheap looking gold glitter adorn your front door? Never. That's reason # 2 that Christmas rocks.

I am sure I come up with other reasons but for the time being, I'll leave it at that. We'll post Christmas pics of our tree soon. Yippee x two!


A Nita said...

Hi Jill and John, I'm enjoying your blog, can't wait to read the rest.

Jeny said...

I am usually the one who get annoyed first when we shop!!!