Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post-Thumpmas Happiness

Jill and I have returned home from our sojourn into Arizona where we are plenty of food, shocked each other routinely (due to the low humidity), and met with much of her family. Now upon our six plus hour trek home, it's time to flop like a bunch of lop eared rabbits. Of course we had to let out the Happy Couple (Phillip and Jane) as well as the Little Girls (Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane). Alas, poor Cherry Bugg will not be out until tomorrow. But we gave her extra hay so that counts. I'd also like to thank one of the UOMEs who helped feed the long eared rascals while we were away. I was told that they even let him pet them. Wow.

Time to make the phone re-charge and to give RBF a shot. Poor girl.

By the way if you go to Google and type 'Thumpmas,' there we are! Yes, you can just taste the excitement.

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