Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's Jill's anticipated review of Juno

Okay, I know everyone is waiting with baited breath for my review of Juno.

Drum roll please......

I give it three thumps (five being the total of bunny thumps a movie can recieve).

I was partly annoyed with the high school students (and probably jr hi kids) in the audience. It's not a movie for teenagers. The message and story is much deeper than I think a HS student would appreciate.

The students rolled in laughter at any blantant joke. It was annoying. Of course, they missed the jokes which were clever and cynical.

Did I mention I had to "shush" the kids three times. Ug. If John were with me, he would have used his teacher superpower and shut them right up. Boy, is it great being married to a teacher.

Anyway, back to the movie. Ellen Page was great but I think the movie wasn't sure who they wanted to appeal to in the writing. There was some humor that I'd call potty-humor but it wasn't really potty humor...but you get my drift. It wasn't sharp and funny humor. Rather it was stupid humor. That didn't jive well with the emotional tug the story held.

Overall, I enjoyed it but I wouldn't recommended it to the masses.
Have I metioned how much I miss the consistency of the witty humored Gilmore Girls? Where's Loralei and Luke when I need them?!

Until next week, this balcony is closed....I mean, I am signing off.

Good night!

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