Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Clifford in Your Face!

Sometimes in our household, one of us might oversleep the alarm in the morning. And when that happens, our wake up dog gets into action. Clifford, known as the Bunny Stopper, is also our Alarm Dog. Like this morning Miss Jill was sleeping in way too long so the Alarm Dog sprung into action.

"Woof," he cried aloud, "Wake up. Woof!" Nothing like a big red dog in your face at 6am. At least he's very courteous and licks your face afterward. Good for you, Clifford.

In other news regarding the Guys, TV Turtle doesn't wake you up but occasionally sneaks up on in the middle of the night just to see/smell if you had fish the previous evening. Sometimes if Mister John is feeling saucy, he'll whisper into TV Turtle's ear before he sleeps, "Miss Jill had salmon tonight." And then around 2am he'll sneak up on her and see if she has any more salmon. Oh, that silly turtle.

As for rabbit news, Cherry Bugg bossed Chip around again today but that's older news than Reggie Bush cheated and Barry Bonds used steroids.

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