Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Cooler Week Ahead for All

Last Monday was more than abnormally hot; it was infernally hot. In downtown Los Angeles, it reached 113 degrees before the thermometer broke. (Actually the "Downtown LA" thermometer is now located at U$C so it was undoubtedly stolen by either a drunk student or a local mercury thief.) In San Pedro where Mister John works, the temperature was unofficially 110. Out in Duarte, the land of City of Hope and Miss Jill, it reached even higher. According to Monty, the couple's new Volvo, it was supposedly 120F out there in the warmer climes of the San Gabriel Valley. Miss Jill was lucky that Monty's tires didn't melt off.

Meanwhile the bunnies felt the heat in Mar Vista as well. It reached a record 102F in the normally cool Westside municipality. Miss Jill got home early to give the bunnies a nice cool sprinkler shower. And Chip and Cherry Bugg, the current indoor denizens, were both doused under the sink for a spectacularly cool bath. Typically they despise baths... but when the thermometer reaches 100... and Monty says it's 120... smile and take the bath.

Oddly enough Mister John ran with his students in cross country practice that afternoon. It is much cooler down by the ocean after all.

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