Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chee Emulates a Bunny on the Head!

Unbeknownst to Mister John, a certain Cherry Bugg hopped onto the top of the bed last night and commandeered his pillow. Typically she will sleep at the foot of their bed and sometimes on the bed, again at their feet. But occasionally she will sleep at the top. In those occurrences, she is apt to bite Miss Jill on the top of the head. Why? Maybe a movement by the sleeping Miss Jill startles her? Or maybe she just like to skull bite? She never bites Mister John on the head because he is intolerant of such things and would give her an immediate detention back to her outside cage.

But on this night (early morning?), there is the Chee trying to claim the high ground of the bed. Clearly Miss Jill (or one of the Guys?) was awake though to take this great portrait of the inquisitive Chee and the sleeping Mister John. And methinks he needs a shave.

Sweet dreams to all.

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