Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bunnicula and Fang

Twas a scary night on Dewey Street. Instead of the lovely Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane who usually guard the front door during Halloween, they were replaced by the unruly Bunnicula and Fang. In the picture to the left, Bunnicula is seen staring straight ahead before devouring another carrot. Fang is sitting in the potty and hides behind the sign.

For Halloween, a total of 62 trick-or-treaters showed up at Chez Erb before the doors were shut down to no more candy. Currently, Bunnicula and Fang have been released in the house but they are behaving much tamer. Much more like a Root Beer Float and a Ruby Jane that I know.

Meanwhile Miss Jill wants a PowerPoint spreadsheet from Mister John considering all the children who showed up tonight. Rarely does Chez Erb shut down so early but too many children tonight... oh well, get here early if you want food. We could give the children carrots but that would upset the vicious vampire rabbits.

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