Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hanging with Paul

Mary Jane was a bit cranky this morning so Daddy knew what would improve her demeanor: some panda time! Her favorite stuffed animal is Paul the Panda. He was originally a Christmas present given to the family by the Phoenix Children's Hospital while Mary Jane was suffering from RSV. She received many gifts over those few days (poor girl was in there on Christmas Eve through the 27th). Paul the Panda has quickly elevated to the favorite animal status. She tackles him every time he is introduced. Sometimes it looks like she's even trying to suck on his nose.

"Dude, she tackles me so hard I, like, hurt my neck, man," said Paul this morning. He's quite a chill panda; not your average high-strung panda. He does crave bamboo like all pandas but Mary Jane doesn't know any dietary concerns of animals. Considering pandas are endangered species, I shouldn't even mention that we have a panda at home right now. But Paul is a good soul and gets along with the other animals. He does have conflicts with Max the Monkey because Paul loses his patience with the monkey from time to time.

Mary Jane actually napped in her parents' bed this morning. She laid down beside her dear ol' dad during "panda time" and then she was out for about 40 minutes. Good for you, Mary Jane! Everyone needs their "panda time" to get to sleep.

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