Monday, July 4, 2011

John Runs Slow 5k Time; Blames It on Long Shorts

Another Independence Day, another 5K run in the Palisades. For some reason Mister John has been doing that for quite a while. Whether or not he improves is up for debate. However this year he clocked in at a tad over 30 mintues which is a bit slow for him. Oh well... just because TV Turtle could run that with a crisp breeze means very little.

Pete and Lillian (as seen to the right) both ran the race as well. Pete, much like John, changed shirts as not to display his ID#. Oddly enough they had the same four digits but the second and third were transposed. Go figure.

Maybe next year John will bust out the short shorts circa 1985 John Stockton. But that would freak out his wife and his little girl... and possibly most of Mar Vista. Some legs are just not meant to be seen. Idolized, maybe, but never seen.

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