Monday, July 18, 2011

Misunderstood Woman in Rabbit History

For some reason the rabbits thought that Mary Jane Erb, the original and not the little girl in the house currently, was the original conspirator against the rabbits of Mar Vista. This was untrue but certain rabbits like Easter, Carmel, Herbie, Pete, and Shirley all thought she never delivered food to them with an adequate smile. Now look at that smile, rabbits, isn't that a classic bunny feeding smile?

Meanwhile Chip is getting a bit afraid of the Mary Jane on the right. She pulled/crawled her way to him this morning and as he looked up, she excitedly swatted him on the nose. He felt confused and then hopped away. But how can bunnies not like a happy smiling Mary Jane? Then again they seem to have it out for Miss Jill as well.

The psychoanalytic rabbits out there would say that Mister John married someone who was just like his mother. Too bad, he loves them both.

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