Friday, July 22, 2011

The Battle of the Carrot: Mary Jane v. Chip

The mornings provide the most entertainment in regards to Chip/Mary Jane interaction. Chip is wont to sit in the "tropical island" in the living room that has lots of flashing lights on the top of it. Of course if he accidentally bumps the side, any number of children's songs will play. But nevermind that, he loves resting on it. Meanwhile that little bit of heaven is Mary Jane's focal point in the living room. Every time she fashions a long crawling trek, she starts from that location. The cushiony bottom does hinder her scooting/crawling ability but as she as she gets to the wood floor... zoom!

So this morning was a little different as Mary Jane somehow made it into the kitchen. Methinks Miss Jill (aka Mommy) air-dropped MJ into the kitchen but let's not probe too deeply into such metaphysical musings. Anyway, MJ and Chip were both in the kitchen and Miss Jill fed Chip a carrot. Oh, good ol' Chip needs his almost daily carrot (if he had carrots too often, he'd get an orange chip and orange bottom but let's not go there). As the picture on the left shows, Chip is trying to eat his carrot calmly without any territorial griping from Cherry Bugg (his aunt and ultimate nemesis) when Mary Jane appears.

Now Mary Jane and Chip get along quite well. Let's not recall that mini head-slap she gave Chip a few days back. He's still dutifully fond of her and sleeps beside her crib every night (in a real coincidental bit of timing, Daddy just tripped over Chip as he went to check out why MJ let out a few mild cries). But when it comes to carrots... or at least shiny orange things, MJ is just as intrigued as that intrepid boy rabbit who wishes he were a man. Or at least an adult rabbit.

Mary Jane sees the carrot and then grabs it away from the bewildered Chip. How dare she do such a thing, he must wonder. Naturally MJ tries to a bite of it herself but with only two teeth... only a long gumming ensues. Chip is still aghast and wishes to complain to the management. Poor Chip, this final photo shows Mary Jane holding the carrot hostage with her right hand and Chip with no alternative but to hop away and beg for a carrot some other day. Oh, some day, little Chip, you too can become an adult rabbit. But not when little 7 month old girls can take carrots from you. It's not like taking candy from a baby but rather like a baby taking candy from a rabbit.

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Donna Norton said...

Oh what a wonderful tale of the Rabbit's and MJ Sweet