Saturday, August 27, 2011

Betsy Jo's First Fantasy Football Draft

Well, technically it would be Mary Jane's first draft as well but Mommy and Gramma Carol took her to Aunt Lisa and Uncle Greg's for some swim time. Betsy Jo will stay behind with Daddy as he tries to figure out what player to draft in what round. Yes, it might be a hopeless endeavor this year as I spent my last week with my precious little newborn Elizabeth but I will try my best to vanquish my foes. At least that would my late great rabbit Jane would have said.

My team, the Spanish Inquisition (nobody ever expects them), came in dead last in 2010 even though they scored the second most points in the league. Absolutely horrific luck but that's the way it goes. At least that means I will get the first pick in the draft this season. I'm just hoping my first pick doesn't get hit by a car this weekend. I once traded a defensive lineman, good ol' Leonard Little, to Jeff's team and the very next night Leonard passed out at a restaurant and smacked his head on a table giving him a concussion. Talk about timing (or bad luck on Jeff's behalf).

Enough of this stalling... I have only 30 mintues to write down the rest of defensive draft list.

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