Saturday, August 13, 2011

Easter, Mister John's First Bunny

She was the first rabbit officially given to Mister John as a pet. Yes, there are some random photos of a bunny named Snowball beating him at tetherball. Lies and subterfuge indeed. Easter Grey Erb was her official name. She had a somewhat stressful life as she was the only rabbit to be bitten by a dog. She was also the only female rabbit to have a litter. According to tradition, Patricia allowed Herbie, clearly the male rabbit, to be on the couch with Easter. All they did was "sniff each other" as Pat said. Well, three months later there were many many bunnies. I do recall The Original Mr. Erb questioning Pat on her knowledge of rabbits and sniffing.

Good ol' Easter was remembered well. The first of the modern line of rabbits to claim they were not fed enough.

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