Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bunnies Still in the Dark Regarding Betsy Jo

Cherry Bugg has resigned herself recently to being petted by Mary Jane. She would rather not subject herself to such a humbling thing but she understands that she doesn't want to upset Mister John and Miss Jill. Besides, Mary Jane is slowly getting the knack of rabbit petting down. Just no pulling on the ears, that's all.

But with Betsy Jo coming home soon to a rabbit cage near you, she'll ultimately feel the double team.

It was quite amazing when we originally brought home Mary Jane. We had her in a swing and the bunnies were let out that day and they all hopped into the den and circled her like the animals did to Jesus in the manger scene. They could smell a new member of the family. I'm guessing they weren't too happy about it (less carrots for that, I guess) but they have learned to incorporate Mary Jane into the larger family. Now that will include Betsy Jo as well.

That will be a difficult Christmas card photo.

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