Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cherry Bugg Idles in Her Cage While Mary Jane Stands Everywhere

Cherry Bugg has been idling in her cage for the past week while Mister John and Miss Jill have claimed to vacate Chez Erb temporarily for a cabin in the woods of northern Arizona. But while Cherry Bugg notches off each day of solitude with a scratch mark on her new cage, the other rabbits have been in iso as well. Chip though remains the undaunted happy bunny with the den to hop about.

Meanwhile Mary Jane has proven herself to be the expert stander now. When Mary Jane left Chez Erb last week, she was barely crawling. But then she far surpassed mere crawling and moved on to advanced standing and dancing. Supposedly she and Commute Bunny went to a dance club in Flagstaff last night while Mommy and Daddy were asleep. Daddy might have been working on a jigsaw puzzle but who knows...

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