Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Double Bob

Hey, give that back!
Miss Jill and Mister John are now in possession of a "double Bob" which is basically a twin stroller.  It has a much lower and closer center of gravity so it can really roll over these tree-addled sidewalks.  Curbs are not much of a problem either.  But as the picture might attest, there still is that binkie stealing problem.  Eh, not a big deal of which to worry. 

Now Mister John can use this stroller with some of his running.  Nothing quite like summer cross country practice with the "double Bob" going up and down those hills.  Quite a workout indeed.  Now just don't steal any binkies during the run.  Mister John might even try to go on a run with Cherry Bugg.  I'm sure she'd love it!

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