Saturday, March 24, 2012

Driving Prepares You for Dancing

Mary Jane didn't make it too far today as she wanted to walk/drive her car down the sidewalk.  Alas, she stopped after about 10 strides in and then planked.  Yeah, nothing quite like prostrating oneself on the ground and planking some.  After that, MJ just sat down and thought about life.  So Daddy decided to do the same.
While sitting down, Daddy came across two different neighbors who were quite intrigued about the sit-down.  Was this a protest of some sort?  Was this a hunger strike on behalf of starving rabbits throughout America?  Was this about the inequity of the distribution of the money given to banks and automotive giants?  No!  It was just a day to sit down on the sidewalk and relax.
On a side note, look at those sunken cheeks.  Who stole the 20 pounds of that guy?  Oh wait, Mary Jane stole his Cheez-Its.  She better not have; imagine all that processed fat in that stuff.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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