Sunday, March 18, 2012

Get Your Running Out

Not quite sure if Miss Jill was selling it upon Mister John or watching the Marathon this morning, he thought, "Heck, I could do half of that."  But in either case he might be signing up for the half-marathon in Pasadena in a few months.  At least he'll know the roads as Miss Jill lived in Pasadena for many years before finally giving in and marrying Mister John.  And if he doesn't run... oh well, back to a lazy Sunday.  Pancakes?  Or something like that...

But then again if he does, maybe he'll get a cool running t-shirt like he did last year for the Palisades 5k.  Then again what are t-shirts anyway other than remembrances of things of the past?  Better than nothing!  Besides, a t-shirt with someone running on it makes one look ten pounds lighter.  Just don't be seen on TV otherwise you'll gain those ten pounds right back.

Cherry Bugg would be happy to get Mister John out of the house.  More time for her to flop in the living room.

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