Monday, March 12, 2012

Proud Product Placement

No one in this proud is too proud to do a little promotion.  In this case, Mary Jane holds up a piece of taco from Tito's Tacos, a very well-known Mexican restaurant on the Westside.  Technically it's in Culver City but that's neither here nor there.  (Well, we live in Mar Vista which is the literal here nor there as it's between Santa Monica and Culver City.)

The basic taco was truly favored by our little girl.  Not too much salsa though.  Keep it moderated.  Mommy and Daddy both enjoyed tacos.  Mommy wanted a bean burrito but Daddy forgot to write that down on the menu list.  Not to worry, the family will go back again in another month or so.  Mommy's parents are big fans of Tito's so there are often apt to allow us to get some over the weekend.

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